About VGC

The Volkswagen Group is one of the first and most successful international partners in China’s automobile industry, growing with it for four decades.

The success story began in 1978 when the Volkswagen Group first began to communicate with its Chinese counterparts. In 1984, SAIC Volkswagen Corporation Ltd., Volkswagen Group’s first joint venture in China, was founded in Shanghai, followed by FAW-Volkswagen Corporation Ltd. in 1991. Then, in 2017, the Group launched Volkswagen (Anhui) Automotive Company Limited with a mission to manufacture NEVs in China for China. Shortly, thereafter, in 2021, the Audi FAW NEV Company was incorporated, focusing on the manufacture of luxury NEVs in China.

Volkswagen Group China’s business scope includes the production, sales and services of vehicles and parts, such as engines and transmissions. The Group is represented by many auto brands in all segments, including Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, ŠKODA, JETTA, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati, etc.

Since entering the Chinese market, the Volkswagen Group has taken the leading market position, and with its joint venture partners, it delivered over 3.23 million vehicles in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong in 2023.

By 2050, the Volkswagen Group aims to be fully net carbon neutral globally. Volkswagen Group China is up to the task with its goTOzero initiative. In addition, the Group is planning to invest EUR 180 billion between 2023 – 2027 in one of the most attractive profit pools. More than two-thirds (68 percent) of the investment will flow into the future fields of digitization and electrification. By 2030, the Group also expects to grow the proportion of NEVs in its China fleet to more than 40%.

Volkswagen Group China has opened plants in Shanghai, Changchun, Dalian, Nanjing, Yizheng, Chengdu, Foshan, Ningbo, Changsha, Urumqi, Tianjin and Hefei. It currently manufactures vehicles and components at more than 40 plants in China. Its MEB plants in Anting, Foshan and Hefei focus on the production of pure electric cars.

As of the end of 2022, Volkswagen Group China has over 90,000 employees in China, including those in its joint ventures.

Volkswagen Group China, which has always strived to be China’s trustworthy partner, not only provides high-quality products and services to consumers but also sees China’s sustainable development as one of its key responsibilities. In 2021, Volkswagen Group China developed three new CSR strategic areas: a low-carbon future, education, and economic empowerment. The Group is committed to operating responsibly and contributing to a green future in China.

The Volkswagen Group is accelerating its transformation into a software-driven mobility company. By continuing to bring the most advanced and environmentally sound technologies and products to China, as well as providing professional services to satisfy all customers, the Volkswagen Group is driving toward a sustainable future for China’s automobile industry.