Mobility Asia

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, Mobility Asia was founded in May of 2018 serving as a pioneer of Volkswagen Group’s transformation to mobility service provider. Mobility Asia is committed to build an intelligent connected ecosystem with focus on five key areas of connectivity, smart mobility ecosystem, infrastructure ecosystem, service/data monetization and autonomous car. By integrating the in-depth knowhow in auto industry and latest technologies in the internet industry, Mobility Asia provides with the industry an all-round smart mobility solution and will bring about a smarter and easier life for customers.


Connectivity With our across AI technologies and auto industry knowhow, our connectivity product makes car connected, more people centric, more convenient, safer and smarter in a more cost effective way.

Intelligent Parking

Difficult to park? Parking issue vs Parking paradise.
Powerful AI-based management platform, rich parking network resources, and standardized intelligent parking management system.
Accurate matching of parking resources with real-time parking demand, making your parking experience hassle-free.
• Dynamic information of your parking destination in advance, with personalized smart recommendation and parking reservation
• Mobile and password-free payment for a convenient payment experience In-depth analysis and evaluation of parking network to support preferred recommendations for user optimization recommendations

Intelligent Charging - To make charging anywhere and anytime

Low carbon and environmental protection vs charging anxiety, best of both worlds.
Highly aggregated AI, big data and industry-leading charging network operator information, soothing your e-range anxiety.
• Real-time online charging information and reservation services
• Plug-and-play, fast charging and swift payment experience
In-depth analysis and evaluation of service experience of charging network to support optimized user recommendation.

Smart Online Payment

The car as your mobile wallet – reinventing payment via paying with your car Intelligent integration of mainstream electronic payment channels and content in the market, more secured payment risk management, making car usage-related payment more efficient and safer.
• Efficient automatic password-free payment settlement
• One-stop online payment from car-usage consumption to daily living expenses
• Intelligent payment risk management based on sensor data and AI

Intelligent Scenario-based Navigation

Comprehensive navigation system, providing ease-of-mind throughout the journey.
User-centric, scenario-based services, combined with cutting-edge navigation data, culminating in the ultimate travel assistant.
• Accurate and enriched dynamic navigation information integrated with internet services
• Deep integration of intelligent mobility services, including voice assistant, parking and charging
• Constantly enriched scenario-based, personalized and predictive navigation services

Intelligent Voice Assistant

Intelligent voice assistant with high IQ and EQ – let’s have a carefree chat coupled with advanced noise reduction technology, the most intelligent voice assistant that knows you best, with outstanding capabilities in voice recognition and natural language understanding.
• Abundant intelligent voice controls and intelligent scenario-based dialogue management
• Voice-enabled access to comprehensive online services ecosystem
Seamless connection to wearable and smart home devices.

Intelligent Charging Network

The construction of a fast-charging public network will seamlessly connect the existing charging network with intelligent navigation, parking, payment and other mobility solutions, providing users with a smarter and more convenient charging service experience.


Expand our presence in ride-hailing market in cooperation with top companies in the industry.
Enter the ride-hailing market with deep understanding of customers’ mobility demands.
Explore new business opportunities with mobility data.

Car sharing

Invest in GoFun and make entry into the car-sharing market.
Layout future urban public transportation, further tap into market potential and offer intelligent transportation solutions.

Intelligent Voice Recognition

Unitize AI technology to interact between people and services by nature languages, understand customers’ preferences and predict their needs and proactively suggest ideas to address their needs. We strive to provide seamless services by building them into a tightly integrated ecosystem.

Pre-owned Car E-Commerce

Virtual Turn Table

VTT is the 1st joint venture of OEM in industry equipped with proactive Residual Value steering, combining with the big data and AI technology, enabling Residual Value forecast capabilities, to execute innovative business model of pre-owned car’s trading.
• Residual Value Guarantee Service
• Auction Platform with the National Dealer Network
VTT becoming one entry of the mobility eco-system, throughout the the whole automotive life cycle, VTT will achieve seamless experience online and offline, to satisfy customer’s mobility demands.

Service/Data monetization

Develop VW Group internal competency in China in the area of advance data analytics leveraging latest artificial intelligent tool in data modeling, machine learning. Deploy standard process for data ingestion, cleansing, modeling and discovery, coupled with could data infrastructure to enable real time business intelligence in order to steer and improve the business performance.

Smart City

Smart City dedicates to make mobility safer, more efficient, more comfortable and more sustainable and build a city better for living and working.